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Welcome to An Enchanted Holiday!

Welcome to An Enchanted Holiday--Weddings.

I've extended the "holidays" to include life events, such as weddings, and baby showers, and you can find wedding and baby shower guestbooks, coil-bound and hardcover, for sale in my Lulu storefront. 

On this site, you'll find free printables for weddings, including royalty-free clipart. 

Thanks for visiting! And HAPPY WEDDINGS!


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Right click and "open in a new tab" or window to see the full PDF. These are quarter-fold cards.


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Donna L. Turello earned her M.A. in English Lit, and is a writer. She's been published in Best Short Stories from the Saturday Evening Post 2015; The Binnacle: University of Maine; Wow! Women on Writing; Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Resolutions; Patchwork Path: Treasure Box; and Patchwork Path: Christmas Stocking.

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